Monday, August 30, 2010

resepimakKita - the introduction speech

hye all,

due to my interest in cooking, resepimakKita is now available here. here la...yang you guys tgh read ni la. in this site, i would like to share "resepi mak kita" to you guys outhere. i guarantee that all recipes published here are originally from my mom hand made. this is what i called turun-temurun warisan air tangan. since from my mom, my granny, my grand grand granny and the whole family la.

this page will be my cooking reference as well, coz i'm still at the early stage to be an iron chef. ngeee. now, i am in the process to collect all the good recipes from my mom. according to family history, our ancestors are from tanah seberang. so u can imagine that we have variety kind of food yg memang sedap2 la. to be specific, it is more to masakan minang. not forget to share with u Malacca cuisine's too. pasti tangkap leleh punya.

believe me or not, my dream is to have my own restaurant, have my own catering. hehehe. some people might say it is so not me. i guess. kiki. yep. still dont know since when i am so passion in cooking. hik3x. harap-harap kekal la aura semangat masak2 ni. last but not least, again this page is build to gather all my family recipe for me, myself and also for my next generation. harap tak lekang dek panas, tak basah dek hujan. it's so called WARISAN KELUARGA.

happy cooking..daaa ;)

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